Warwick. Warwick Police Department brings back its Color Guard Unit

| 22 Nov 2021 | 06:49

According to Chief Thomas McGovern, Jr. it’s been about 12 years since the Town of Warwick Police Department had its own Color Guard.

And it was time to bring it back.

Color Guard Units are responsible for representing their Police Departments during special formal events such as parades and ceremonies as an expression of pride, patriotism, respect, loyalty and dedication.

Police officers, many of whom have military experience where they learned about marching and ceremony protocol, volunteer for the position.

“We had many new and younger officers who expressed interest in joining a Color Guard,” said McGovern, “so we decided this would be a good time to revive our unit.”

One possible problem was the cost, about $2,000, of purchasing special Color Guard uniforms. But that was easily solved by using money from the Police Department’s Narcotics and other crimes seizure fund at no cost to the Town of Warwick taxpayers.

“How ironic is it,” said McGovern, “that the people we caught committing the crimes paid for the uniforms.”

- Roger Gavan