Pine Island man charged with stalking, public lewdness and trespassing

| 15 Jan 2020 | 12:36

    Warwick. Warwick Town Police have charged a Pine Island man with third-degree stalking, public lewdness and three counts of trespassing.

    According to the press release from Lt. Thomas Maslanka, the incident unfolded this way:

    On Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020 the owner of the apartments located on Zygmunt Lane in Pine Island reported to Warwick Police that there was a suspicious person in and around his property. The owner and a resident said they believed an unknown male was attempting to look into a female tenant’s apartment window.

    The tenant reported that an unknown substance was smeared in the shape of a heart on her bedroom window.

    On Monday, Jan. 13, Warwick Police, with the assistance of the Town of Goshen Police, Jose N. Rodriguez Medrano, 53, of Pine Island, who has been identified by a Mexico-issued ID.

    Maslanka said Warwick police obtained a confession from Medrano who admitted to masturbating while looking in the victim’s bedroom window and to drawing a heart on the glass.

    Under the provisions of the New York State Criminal Justice reform, Medrano was issued an appearance ticket to appear to be arraigned in Warwick Town Court at a later date.

    Meanwhile, Warwick Town Justice Peter Barlet issued a temporary order of protection for the victim.