Warwick Fire Department weekly summary

Warwick. Firefighters have responded to 37 calls for service since the beginning of 2020.

12 Feb 2020 | 11:27

    The following is the weekly report from the Warwick Fire Department, provided by Michael Contaxis, the 1st Assistant Chief and the department's Fire Prevention Chairman.

    The Warwick Fire Department would like to offer our sincere condolences to the Walter family on the loss of firefighter Tom Walter, a 13-year member of the department assigned to the Raymond Hose Company #2.


    • This Feb. 3 WFD companies held weekly apparatus and building checks at their respective stations.

    • On Feb. 4 the WFD held its monthly department company meetings/

    • On Feb. 5 the Excelsiors completed a scheduled operations drill at Warwick Fire Station #4.

    • On Feb. 6 the Warwick Fire Police Unit held its monthly meeting at Warwick Station #2.

    • On Feb. 9 firefighters of the Warwick Fire Department participated in wake firefighter Tom Walter at Purta Funeral Home in Pine Island.


    Do you want to be a firefighter? Do you want to join the Fire Police? Are you 16 years of age or older and want to give back protecting your community? Then we want you! Stop in to your neighboring firehouse anytime or during truck checks on Monday nights at 7 p.m. or the first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. during company meetings. We offer teamwork, dedication, family and a bond like no other. Stop in; call 845-986-3473; catch us on social media; or email warwickfire150@gmail.com

    Warwick Fire Prevention Report

    Having a babysitter can give you peace of mind. It allows you to leave your child with someone you trust. Be sure your babysitter knows about fire safety.

    Be sure your babysitter knows what to do if there is a fire:

    • Remember to always leave the phone number where you can be reached. Cell phones make this easy.

    • Be sure the babysitter knows the address of the home.

    • Show the babysitter your home escape plan and make sure the babysitter understands the following ways for two ways out of a room. Where the outdoor meeting place is located.

    • The Warwick Fire Department Emergency numbers by dialing 845-986-5000 to the Warwick Police Dispatchers or Orange County 911.

    • How too lock and unlock all windows.

    • If you allow your babysitter to cook, make sure the babysitter keeps your child at least three to four feet away from the stove and that they never leave food or anything on a stove top unattended.

    • If the smoke alarm sounds make sure your babysitter knows what to do.

    • Many places offer babysitter classes. These are online and in the classroom. Some schools and hospitals give training. Classes teach how to care for children. They also teach first aid. They teach CPR.

    • What to do in an emergency is also taught to get out of the home with your children in the event of an emergency. The use the second way out if smoke is in the way get low and go under the smoke to the exit if an escape must be made through smoke.

    • Store matches and lighters out of your child’s reach.

    • Candles should not be used by your babysitter.

    • Make sure your babysitter keeps a three-foot “kid-free zone” around space heaters.