Chabad of Orange County responds to Poway Chabad shooting

In the wake of the Poway Chabad House shooting on the last day of Passover that left one dead and three injured, Chabad of Orange County hosted a Prayer for Poway Solidarity Service at the Chabad Center in Chester.

Our hearts are shattered by the cold-blooded attack on our brothers and sisters—Jews of all walks of life gathered at Chabad-Lubavitch of Poway in celebration and prayer to the Almighty last Shabbat and the final day of Passover. We mourn the soul of Lori Gilbert-Kaye, and we pray for the healing of all the injured.
With the passing of Lori Kaye, the world became darker. We can only respond to darkness by adding in light.
The gunman wanted Jews to cower in fear, leaving synagogues empty. Let’s fill up our synagogues to show that we will never back down in the face of hatred.
Cold-blooded, fanatical hatred can only be uprooted by filling our world with pure, undiscriminating love and acts of kindness Let’s stand proud of our heritage. Light Shabbat candles, as Lori did. Put on tefillin before Shabbat, wrapping the hands that on Rabbi Goldstein will forever be scarred.
As Rabbi Goldstein said just moments after the attack: “We are going to stand tall, we are going to stand proud of our heritage. If a little light can dispel a lot of darkness, than many lights can truly illuminate the whole world.”
Rabbi Pesach Burston
Chana Burston, co-director
Chabad of Orange County