President Trump’s Protect Life Rule 'puts the needs of the patient first'

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R. Blodgett (Planned Parenthood Mid-Hudson Valley) is correct in stating that organizations that include abortion as a method of family planning are ineligible for Title X funds.

Section 1008 of the 1970 Family Planning Services and Population Research Act (P.L. 91-572) requires” that “none of the funds appropriated under Title X shall be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning.”

In 1991, the Supreme Court upheld the Section 1008 requirement. President Trump’s “Protect Life Rule” directs the Department of Health and Human Services to follow the requirements in P.L. 91-572.

The “Protect Life Rule” allows family planning organizations to provide “nondirective counseling on abortion.”

Planned Parenthood chose to provide abortion as a method of family planning. This decision made it ineligible for Title X funding.

In New York, 52 percent of Planned Parenthood’s patients are low-income patients eligible for Title X funding (R. Blodgett, Warwick Advertiser, March 1-7, 2019). Nationwide, Planned Parenthood received almost 3 million dollars in Title X funding (Planned Parenthood website).

Planned Parenthood gets significant financial benefit from promoting abortion as a family planning method.

This is a conflict of interest.

President Trump’s “Protect Life Rule” will open up Title X funding to family planning organizations that put the needs of the patient first.

It will give women choices in family planning methods and providers.

Anne L. Gross


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