'What are you ... going to do to lower our school taxes?'

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Dear Senator Metzger,

Please allow me to congratulate you to your election to the New York State Senate. Now the real job start for all the constituents that you represent.

I noticed, while you were running for the NY senate seat, that you

were/are opposed to the CPV plant due to the environmental pollution.

Not everybody in Orange County and elsewhere agreed with you, but we do have to accept the election results.

Dear Senator, CPV plant and the clean air act is not the only problem that faces and worries your constituents. By breathing the clean air alone, we can not survive in New York State, we have tremendous tax burden that you and the Assemblyman Karl Brabenec should fight for, especially for the senior citizens.

This tax burden is unbearable. I am 74 years old, living on Social Security and between my school taxes and the utilities I have almost nothing to live on.

Yet this problem is continuing for many many years and nobody does anything about it. Even Gov. Cuomo's humiliating trip to Washington, to ease the SALT deduction was unsuccessful.

Gov. Cuomo blames President Trump for the high taxes in New York State, instead of controlling the spending and lowering the taxes himself.

Mr. Cuomo has enough money to finance the free education for the Illegal Immigrants, yet our students, born here must pay for their education.

We have to ask for a fundamental changes in the way New York pays for the school. Teachers union has always been a heavy contributor to the

Legislative races and that investment was crucial for the turnover in

State senate in last election.

My question, Ms. Metzger, is, what are you and Mr. Brabenec going to do to lower our school taxes? I am anxiously awaiting your and/or Mr.

Brabenec' reply.


John Ihnachak


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