Socialism: A faulty notion

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Regarding both the recent popularity within the Democratic Party and growing media coverage in support of Socialism, I feel compelled to express my thoughts on the fallacy and danger of pursuing this failed policy.

History has shown how adopting Socialism has undermined the economic stability of Greece and other European nations. Even those countries that have adopted moderate Socialist policies, such as national health insurance and extensive central control of private business and industry (i.e. the EU) are experiencing depressed economies as the U.S. free enterprise system is breaking records.

The far extreme of Socialism is now Venezuela with hyper-inflation and a starving population. Even the Communist government of China has adopted capitalist policies in recent years.

The Democrats who are enamored by Socialism often speak of the Scandinavian countries with free everything: health care, higher education and free paid vacation among other perceived benefits.

What they don’t mention are the very high taxes paid by everyone, not just millionaires and billionaires.

Also not mentioned is the relative scale of these countries vis-à-vis the United States:

Denmark did not place a man on the moon.

Finland was not the first country to split the atom.

Silicon Valley is in California, not Sweden.

All of these advances in science and technology occurred via the wealth generated by capitalism. The Second World War was won by the industrial might of the capitalist system. Even winning the Cold War by the United States over the Soviet Union was the result of tax revenue raised from the successes of the free enterprise, capitalist system.

So those Democrats who are favoring Socialism had better study a little history and economics and discard their embrace of a faulty notion.

William E. Lemanski


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