Café a la Mode: 'Incredible community of musicians and audience members'

On Friday, February 1st, Jim Elwell celebrated his fifteenth anniversary as the host/soundman of the weekly open mic at Café a la Mode in Warwick.
Fifteen years, wow! That’s nearly eight hundred shows.
I began performing at the Café in September 2018, but the first thing I noticed about this open mic was the incredible community of musicians and audience members who regularly attend.
Sure, you’re going to hear some good music when you go to the Café on Friday nights, but you also see a group of friends who support a local music scene that has nurtured some of the best talent in the area.
Thank you, Jim (and the Café), for providing a space where musicians get the chance to try out new material, jam with friends, and perhaps more importantly, just hang out on a Friday night while listening to live music.
Chris Reali