Warwick Valley High School's first robotics team advances to Hudson Valley Championship

Photo provided by Mike Stolt Picture of winning alliances Warwick Valley High School and Matrix Rewired. Warwick Valley high school consists of team members Nikita Akhmetshin, Mikayla Beauregard, Oliver Bieling, Daniel Bilezikian, John Bolich, Sean Corrigan, Jordan DeSotle, Aiden Finn, Alfanso Lagares, Dylan Lancer, Lizzy Lepre, Kalen Luraschi, Sawyer Masefield, Michel Mulvihill, Liam Nott, Hayes Parrelli, Patrick Sliter, Patrick Tully, Erik Vogt, Kevin Walter and Ivy Yang. Matrix Rewired consists of team members Anna Bennett, Thomas Gorlachov, Nicholas Harris, Claudia Harris, Cameron Jung and Angelos Veloudos.

YONKERS — On Saturday, Jan. 26, the Warwick Valley High School’s first robotics team took first place at the Yonkers qualifying tournament along with fellow alliance Matrix Rewired, another local team in Orange County.
The Warwick Valley High School team is coached by Mike Stolt and Matrix Rewired is coached by John Harris and Narcissa Smith-Harris.
“This year was our first year with a Robotics Team and our first year entering competitions," Stolt said. "I had no idea what to expect. My team has put a lot of hours and hard work into the design and coding of their robot. I am proud of my team and their commitment. Their hard work has paid off."
Added Harris: “It was amazing watching my team take the win. They have put a lot of work into making it this far and I am happy to see them advancing to the next tournament.”
The FIRST Tech Challenge is an accessible, challenging robotics competition for students in grades 7–12. More than 5,000 teams are expected to participate this season.
Students in FTC design and build a robot using aluminum, polycarbonate, motors and servos, sensors and a variety of other materials. They program and control it using Android Smartphones with Java or a Blocks-based graphical language.
Each year teams are challenged with a new game. They compete at tournaments, where teams play a series of matches, each time being partnered with a different team. They also interview with judges who reward their achievements throughout the season in design, engineering, outreach and other categories.
The Hudson Valley Championship tournament will take place on Sunday, Feb. 10, at Pace University.