'There is no other country like USA'

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I came to this country in 1969. One of my stipulations to come was that I register with the "Selective Service System" after six months, which I did. I volunteered for the U.S. Army to go to Vietnam.

They did not take me, knowing that I escaped from Czechoslovakia and was a strong anti-communist and could not speak English well. Somebody say that I could not speak well now. Yes, I do have an accent.

After two months I got a job and have working since then. Putting my three children through collage education, having a house in Warwick, fully paid.

Now is the huge discussion in this country about having or not having secured southern border, in other words, having a physical barrier or not.

How can anyone who has an interest in this country be for an open border?

I had to wait in West Germany for three months until my application was processed, even though I had my aunt who came here in 1930. I did not complained. This was the requirements of the country that I want to come to and had obeyed it.

I did not come here to be on a welfare and/or state subsidies. I came here to enjoy the freedom from the communist system and contribute to the beautiful American dream and way of life.

Thank God that we have a President who cares about that and we all support him in his endeavor.

I am so thankful to this country for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful life experience. There is no other country like USA.

Thank you and God bless President Donald J. Trump.


John Ihnachak


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