Back Pain Expert Nick Clark: Can Yoga Increase Back Pain?

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  • Nick Clark

Siran B asks “I tried a yoga video to help with my lower back pain but it seemed to make it worse however, it seemed to help my friends. Why would that be happening?

Hey Siran,

Every individual is different as to how their body is designed and what they can tolerate. Yoga can be an excellent movement practice, however just like any other activity,iit is about HOW you are doing it. If you are performing yoga movements with improper technique you are actually doing more harm than good.

An analogy I often use in the clinic is that saying you perform yoga is like saying you eat food, well that's good start but what and how you are eating is more pertinent information.

Without proper instruction there is a tendency to reinforce the movement patterns that are already causing the pain in the first place. Moreover, our competitive nature has a tendency to take over and then we force ourselves into using improper joints and muscles.

Lastly, if your joints have limited mobility there is no way to be instructed around that. The only way to eliminate those restrictions is by working with a clinician who can use hands-on techniques to create more space in the joints allowing for freedom of movement. This then leads to and easier acquisition of movement skills like yoga.

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Nick Clark
214 West Street, Warwick, NY 10990

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