Eat an eight-ounce onion
Ray Weslowski did it fastest in one minute, forty-two seconds

Photos by Jerry Zimmerman As Russell Kowal stands to the ready, Pine Island Chamber of Commerce Vice President Janet Zimmerman presents Ray Wesoloski with a plaque while Orange County Legislator John Ruszkiewicz holds his prize of $100.

PINE ISLAND — On Sunday, Sept. 2, the Pine Island Chamber of Commerce held its 11th annual Onion Eating Contest at the Jimmy Sturr Onion Fest, located at the PLAV pavilion in Pine Island.
Raymond Weslowski was this year's winner, eating an eight-ounce onion in one minute and 42 seconds.
The other contestants were Scott Martens, Rob Gillespie, James McCosker, Eric Boyajian, Mike Sweeton and John Melkovitch.