Back Pain Expert Nick Clark: Back Pain With Standing

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  • Nick Clark

Steve J asks “What is the proper way to be standing to eliminate lower back pain?

Hey Steve,

Let's start with how your feet are positioned. The most common error we see are feet that are rotated away from the body. In other words, if your feet were on a compass that should be pointed north, not northwest or northeast.

Now let's move up to the knees. The knees should be stacked directly over the feet and under the hips with no sideways shift. You never want to feel like the knees are knocking against each other.

Next, the hips should be pointed straight ahead, with no difference in hip height. Imagine your hips are your headlights if they are rotated left or right you will lose your ability to see. Moreover, you should not feel like you are leaning over to one side more than the other. This will cause compression and strain on the lower back.

Lastly, let's talk about how the actual lower back should be positioned. Most commonly we see too much of an arch in the lower back. If look at yourself from a side views your hips should not be tilting forward and your ribs should not be flared upward. Think about always wanting your ribs stacked over your pelvis. This creates spinal integrity, allowing the core to do its job and protect the spine.

You can visit our website at and download our free guide to getting back to what you love for more free tips or call 1-845-283-0274 to set up a free one-hour consultation.

Nick Clark
214 West Street, Warwick, NY 10990

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