'We should be looking to our Town Board members to make the hard decisions'

When I was teaching at a high school I was opposed to the morning and afternoon announcements that were played over the PA systems into classrooms.

I felt that they were not just boring and inept, but that they took precious time away from teaching time. Most of the students paid no attention to them anyway and chose to talk among themselves during the announcements.

Since the announcements were typed up each morning I suggested that a typed sheet of announcements should be posted on each floor and let students know they should consult these sheets to find out what is happening.

I felt that having the announcements voice-delivered to the classroom created “passive” rather than “active” students.

After several years of bringing this up to our principal he decided that he would put it to a vote amongst the teachers. I reminded him that this was his school and that he had the power to make the decision but he abrogated his power and settled on a vote.

The teachers voted overwhelmingly to keep the announcements playing in the classroom twice a day. To this day, I feel that this was a disservice to the students who should be better prepared for life in the real world.

The Warwick Town Board, by its decision to put the 5-cent plastic/paper bag fee on the November ballot rather than making a ruling, has abrogated its responsibility.

We should be looking to our Town Board members to make the hard decisions and we should know where each Town Board member stands on this issue.

Mark Tatro


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