Dear WVSD: “Safety and security” is a “priority?”

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The Warwick Valley School District just handed the Warwick Valley taxpayer an enormous bill, twice the national average is my understanding.

In their proposal they claim “safety and security” as their priority.

And yet on Monday, April 16, days before their students were preparing to walk-out during school hours to cross busy roads and a state highway, manipulated by radical leftists as a voter registration anti-Second Amendment “Teach-in,” those responsible for your child’s “safety and security” had no clue.

The parents of the children had no clue.

We had all better get a clue, or redefine the meaning of “safety and security” … which may very well be the chosen path by a people who seem to have developed a talent for redefining the fundamental truths of life.

But there is no-redefining the fact that a society that refuses to protect its children is a society with no future.

And there are things far more dangerous than speeding cars.

Chip Murray


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