The color of snow

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  • Patricia McCoy shared this photo she took on Wisner Road on way her home from work last week after Winter Storm Quinn.

  • Denise Kleinman shared this photo of her son Evan and the huge snow bunny, dubbed Harvey, that he created with his dad, David, in their backyard in Sugar Loaf following last week’s snow storm.

  • Kate Valentine shared this photograph she took when she was taking a walk through Memorial Park off of Forrester Avenue in Warwick after Winter Storm Riley.

  • Photo by Robert G. Breese A blue barn set in fresh fallen snow along Jessie Road in Warwick.

  • Photo by Robert G. Breese Tree branches decorated with snow in front of the Florida Presbyterian Church. The steeple of St. Joseph's is in the background right.

  • Toni Vogel titled this image of the Amity Farm "The morning after the storm," taken in the wake Winter Storm Quinn.

WARWICK — The Warwick Advertiser is frequently blessed by the generosity of its readers who often share their photographs of this beautiful part of the world, Warwick.

Such has been the case in the last several weeks following Winter Storms Riley and Quinn, when the landscape has been bleached, thereby making colors stand out in contrast.

Here are some of those photographic gifts.

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