Jackie Robinson was a pioneer, not a Utopian

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Re: Dick Hull's Lecture on "Utopian" Warwick Past

Jackie Robinson a Utopian Seriously Dick?

Webster: Utopia - an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal. It seems to me that you insult an iconic human being like Robinson by referring to him as a "Utopian."

I think, were he alive today, he'd be the first to tell you that there was nothing imaginary about his accomplishments.

How about pioneer? Wouldn't that be more fitting?

Funny you didn't put Obama in that category, because everything about him was imaginary ... "hope and promise" ... dust in the wind.

Frankly, I believe all you guys on the Left need to rethink your whole Utopia thing. It's kind of killing us.

Respectfully, your ol' Sugar Loaf "State of Mind" pal.

Chip Murray


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