Solar is a cost-effective method of heating swimming pools

Photo by Roger Gavan Pat Gallagher, owner of Gallagher Solar Thermal, built a wooden rack in a sunny area of this picturesque property owned by Steve and Lisa Laico to heat the in-ground pool next to their home above.

WARWICK — This coming summer anyone who owns a backyard swimming pool will be faced with the prospect of limited use during the heat of the day or incurring the high cost of running a pool heater on oil, electricity or gas.
But according to Pat Gallagher, owner of Gallagher Solar Thermal in Warwick, there is another solution and a better option.
"Although solar pool heating is not as well known as more exotic uses of alternative energy, solar pool heating is the original 'Solar,'" he said. "Heating pools with solar energy remains the most cost-effective use of solar in the world."
The concept, explained Gallagher, is simple.
After installation there is no cost to operate your pool heating system. Your pool is heated by the sun all season with no expensive fuel bills.
And a properly designed solar pool system, he added, can achieve the same results as a pool heater that runs on fossil fuels.
"It was a salvation," said Lisa Laico, one of Gallagher's customers. "We've gone from gulping down propane to sipping it. And it extends the swimming season. Pat Gallagher is passionate about solar pool heating and very knowledgeable."
Gallagher Solar Thermal has been installing solar pool heaters since 2005.
The firm has installed systems as large as the 100 panels that were needed to heat a 9,000-square foot summer camp pool or as few as two panels for small above ground pools.
The panels can be installed on the house or anywhere there is a reasonable amount of sunshine for most of the day, including a rack on the ground in another area of the property.
"The Hudson Valley is perfect for solar pool heating," said Gallagher. "Our customers are amazed at how well solar works and how they now have a longer season and use their pools more often for exercise, quiet evening swims and parties with friends and families."
He invites potential clients to learn the benefits of solar pool heating first hand from their neighbors. "Call me for a long list of very happy customers," he said.
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- Roger Gavan